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Once upon a time in the vast realm of the interwebs, the mighty MSTR® guild, led by the legendary Sir Saylor, embarked on a quest to amass the shiniest digital treasures known as Bitcoins. But, the guild didn't stop there! Harnessing the power of meme magic, they unveiled the $MSTR token, which was whispered among the netizens to hold the power to moon beyond the stars. Every hodler, meme merchant, and digital knight knew: aligning with the MSTR guild was the ticket to untold generational wealthy. 'STONKS ONLY GO UP, SER!' became the rallying cry, echoing across the cyber valleys and pixelated mountains.

How to Buy $MSTR Token

  1. Install Phantom

    Download and install the Phantom extension for your browser.

    Go to Phantom
  2. Buy Solana

    Top up your Phantom wallet with SOL. You can purchase SOL from various exchanges.

    Buy Solana
  3. Swap on Raydium or DexTools

    Go to Raydium or DexTools to swap your ETH for $MSTR tokens.

    Go to UniSwap